black cat and superstition: because it is said to bring bad luck (2024)

There are those who, when they see that ablack cathe is crossing the road, changing direction, while other people notice the felines with fur as dark as night, so much so that they are celebrated on November 17th on the occasion of World Cat Day. That this animal brings bad luck is one thinglegendborn in the Middle Ages, but let's see why it actually has no foundation. Do you want to know more curiosities about cats? Don't miss this video!

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What you still didn't know about cats

The characteristics of black cats

Ilblack catit is considered a very elegant animal, although this feline is often the focus oflegendsesuperstitionswhich aim to put him in a bad light. On the other hand, even today there are many people who fear the worst when they see a cat crossing their path.
To be defined as such, the black cat must have one-colored and uniform fur over the entire body, without any other shade of different color. There are numerous breeds of black cats in nature but the best known (and appreciated) are thePersian cat, ilBombayand raceBritish.

The feline is a predator with very acute eyesight, in fact it tends to go out at night to hunt for food: this explains why this animal has bright and magnetic yellow eyes. He needs them to see better in the dark and not miss any prey!
Black cats have good health, in fact they resist infections and diseases much better than others. Generally they have a sociable, independent, playful and faithful character, however, like all cats, they love freedom.

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The history of superstition

The origin of the legend that the black cat is an animal that brings bad luck dates back toMiddle Ages, when men traveled in carriages along completely dark streets. It happened, then, that the horses became frightened at the sight of the two yellow eyes of the black cats that suddenly appeared, and that they became enraged, causing accidents, even fatal ones.

Furthermore, around 1200,Papa Gregorio IXassociated the black cat with witches, giving rise to a ruthless hunt both against women accused of witchcraft and against poor felines. Popular tradition, then, dictates that theyanticipated the arrival of the pirates, as they used to board their ships and travel with them to hunt the mice in the hold. From here the idea spread that black cats brought the arrival of an impending threat.

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Countries where the black cat is believedyou bring bad luckthey are, among others, the United States, Spain and Italy, however this is not the case in all places. In Scotland, Japan and England,for example, it is a symbol of luck, so much so that it is believed that having one in the home brings prosperity. InChinese, on the contrary, many still believe that black cats bring hunger and poverty, while in Latvia if black kittens are born, farmers hope for a good harvest. The black cat is, in short, one of the images of the unspeakable fear of death in many cultures, however we know that it is a simple color of the fur.

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Finally, what is the origin of the legend that this feline is associated withdevil? Probably because black is linked to the symbolism of mourning and death, while the intense yellow of his eyes is linked to something monstrous and unnatural. Several studies have shown that this color combination is scary, in fact psychologists assure that we are attracted to white animals. Research published in theOpen Veterinary Science Journal, has in fact shown that black cats, regardless of their age, sex or character, are those who are adopted later than all the others.

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When the black cat brings good luck

However, not in all eras dark cats have been synonymous with devilry: in ancient Rome, in fact, it was actually believed that theythey brought good luckand it was customary to scatter their ashes on the crops once they died; in ancient timesEgypt, the black cat and felines in general were worshiped, so much so that the goddessbetsshe was represented as a beautiful black cat or as a woman with a cat's head.

There are those who say that dreaming of a black cat is our unconscious's way of telling us to reconnect with our animal instincts. If we dream about it, therefore, deep inside us we feel rebellious, independent and courageous like this animal. And what about the very famous children's song"I wanted a black cat"?. There is no reason to fear these animals, on the contrary they are seductive and magnetic.

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The Tale of the Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

The Anglo-Saxon world loves black cats. Indeed, in recent years there has been a widespread tendency to celebrateBlack Cat Day, or World Black Cat Day. The date is November 17th, it wants to celebrate the most mistreated feline in history and restore its pride. It is a day entirely dedicated to these animals which, although they are often compared to dogs, are actually just as sweet.

The figure of the black cat, however, also takes on an important place in literature and cinema, but it is the writerEdgar Allan Poethat made the dark feline a real onesymbol of fearand of terror. Numerous films were made from the story, including "The black cat" by director E. Ulmer, "Two eyes diabolici" by Dario Argento and Romero and "Black Cat. Gatto nero" by Lucio Fulci.

black cat and superstition: because it is said to bring bad luck (2024)


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