Everything about celeriac (+ Miljuschka's favorite recipes) (2024)

Celeriac is becoming increasingly popular, and yet it deserves a little more spotlight. Time for change! In this article I will tell you everything about celeriac.

It's the content that counts

The celeriac is the tuber of the celery plant. This grows just above the ground and is about 10 centimeters tall. You have probably come across these in a vegetable garden, at the greengrocer or in the supermarket. They are often located at the front of the vegetable department. They are not the prettiest, but the taste is really delicious!

This autumn tuber, which you can often buy from August to March, has a mild taste with a hint of anise. It is also slightly fresher than a turnip, which it is often confused with. When you buy the celeriac, feel good about it. Always choose a hard tuber. Soft means that the tuber is already a bit older and dried out.

How to peel celeriac: this is how you do it

The celeriac is quite a monster, so I understand that you don't immediately know what to do with it. It is best to remove the peel, as it is not edible. To peel the celeriac, it is best to cut the top and bottom off with a sharp chef's knife.

Then peel the outer layer with a knife, without losing too much of the inside. The video below explains exactly how to best do this. You can of course also peel the tuber just like you would a potato, but this takes much more time.

Celeriac: a diamond in the rough

Did you know that a lot is possible with celeriac? You can do himbakken, grilling, cooking, stewing and even cooking in the oven. It is therefore the perfect basis for soup and puree, but can also be used in many other dishes. Just think about salads,casserolesand roasted on the baking tray.

Nowadays you also see many chefs getting creative with celeriac. So is thekarmakebab, Anaward winning vegan street food. In this dish, the meat kebab has been replaced by celeriac. You also see the tuber more and more often in supermarkets as a meat substitute. The celeriac is cut into small thin slices and seasoned. Are you a vegetarian or do you not feel like eating meat for a day? Then this is highly recommended!

The celeriac looks rough and large, but you can make incredibly beautiful and refined dishes with it. Top chef Joris Bijdendijk, for example, makes beautiful creations with it. In his restaurant RIJKS he pays tribute to the tuber as a full-fledged meat substitute: he nails theceleriac on a spitand also makes celeriac in salt crust. In short: you have to look through it, but this vegetable is a real diamond in the rough.

Miljuschka's favorite recipes with celeriac

1 – Creamy leek soup with mackerel and celeriac

Unfortunately, the average Dutch person eats far too little fish. I try to change that in our family in all kinds of ways. One of my favorite types of fish is mackerel. In this leek soup with mackerel I use mackerel fillets that I pick apart myself, and as icing on the cake, this soup is made from celeriac.

Here you will find the recipe for thecreamy leek soup with mackerel and celeriac.

2 – Potato-celeriac puree with gratinated cheese

What makes (or breaks) a really tasty puree? Opinions are divided about this. I like a creamy puree but I also don't want to add a whole pack of butter, like some French ones dorecipes. Also tasty by the way, but this recipe doesn't require that. The celeriac already provides extra flavor and I then add about 50 grams of butter. Believe me, it will be a deliciously creamy puree with a surprise of celeriac with a crispy layer of grated cheese.

Here you will find the recipe for thepotato-celeriac puree with gratinated cheese.

3 – Roasted celeriac with sausage and fennel

Autumn is slowly approaching and more and more leaves are falling from the trees. High time for a delicious autumn meal.

The deeper we dive into autumn and the more leaves fall from the trees, the more I crave delicious hearty autumn food. I combined celeriac, fennel and sausage for a delicious dish that suits the time of year. A wonderful combination, if I say so myself.

Here you will find the recipe for theroasted celeriac with sausage and fennel.

More, more, more

Are you like me and can't get enough of celeriac? Then take a look at the YouTube video below from Jules Cooking in which he makes a celeriac Wellington, a vegan variant of the well-known meat dishbeef Wellington.

Beef Wellington is a real Christmas classic. In a crispy coat ofpuff pastrylies a delicious piece of meat. But who says that this can only be eaten during Christmas and that you can only make it with meat?

Yep, that's exactly what Jules Cooking thought too. In the video he explains how to bake celeriac in a salt crust, how to make the filling of lettuce andmushroomduxelles and how to make the puff pastry yourself. A delicious vegan recipe in which the rough diamond, called celeriac, plays the leading role.

Everything about celeriac (+ Miljuschka's favorite recipes) (2024)


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