Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (2024)

As a fan of good pastry flan like at the baker's, therefore creamy and firm at the same time, with a crispy dough, with a good vanilla taste and above all very thick, it was time for me to test the recipe of Chef Christophe Felder, who has nothing but praise.

I finally dare to bake a recipe other than my traditional onebest flan, just to change habits and discover the great Chef's flan which never disappoints me, on the contrary...

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Christophe Felder, everyone knows him and no one hesitates to make his recipes, all as divine and amazing, such aschocolate mousse tartwhere themarbled cake, or even his famouswafflescrispy-soft, and even itscheese pretzelsfor the savory side.

There is also a sweet treat that I am totally addicted to and that you should also know about (and if you don’t, go and discover it!):vanilla chicken, small cookies with a good vanilla flavor that are super easy to make and keep very well (I make them in quantity so that I always have some for the children's snacks or to accompany my coffee 😉 ).

So I had to try THEflan Felder, which has been circulating on the web for years and which makes me salivate. And the result is indeed sublime, as much for the taste buds as for the nose or the eyes.

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Christophe Felder's pastry flan is firm enough to have a nice cut but not too firm to appreciate the creaminess. It is not a “rubber” or “elastic” flan, nor too set, but melts in the mouth with a creamy texture thanks to the whole milk, cream and eggs.

The vanilla taste is very present, if you use a nice vanilla pod. I added a little bit of natural vanilla extract to complete the scent provided by my pod. At the price of vanilla pods at the moment, (price which depends on the size, origin, harvest date, etc.), I had no other choice than to put a pod which n It didn't have enough seeds for my taste (even though I paid 5 euros per pod). It has become a luxury to cook with natural vanilla!!! So I reinforce the vanilla flavor with an extract (or failing that, a vanilla flavor).

How to make a thick pastry flan?

Christophe Felder's flan is terribly good and delicious in its thickness. And to obtain a thick flan it is necessary to have a springform mold with a high edge, or ideally a stainless steel circle.

The circle is much more practical to facilitate unmolding. Obviously, for this thickness, you need a good quantity of ingredients. So you need a lot of milk, cream, eggs and sugar to obtain a very large and thick custard. I followed the Chef's recipe but reduced the quantities in order to make athick flan 24 cm in diameter, which is already huge! You can cut 8 nice slices, or even 10!

We can use with my given quantities acircle of 23 or 24 cmin diameter and it is important that it is high (6 cm height is necessary). Also, I modifythe cooking(because only 30 minutes according to Felder, the flan does not have its characteristic colored surface and the shortbread at the bottom of the flan is soft). SO180°c, static mode for 50 minutesis truly the perfect cooking option for a household oven.

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To make this Christophe Felder flan, you only need a fewingredientsbut of quality and here are some details which are very important:

  • brown sugar, brown or blond cane sugar for the shortbread dough adds more crunch to the dough. It's great ! On the other hand, white powdered sugar is better for the flan maker. Do not reduce the quantities, those indicated are necessary for the success of the best flan!
  • WHOLE milk and WHOLE liquid cream: don't try to lighten the flan, it won't be as creamy.
  • vanilla: a beautiful natural pod from Madagascar. If your pod is not generous in seeds, reinforce the vanilla flavor with a natural extract or even vanilla flavoring.
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You will see that you need a lot of sugar, but above all, do not reduce this quantity! This is what you need to have the right taste and ideal texture. And this large quantity is, I remind you, to make a large and large pastry flan.

Important :cooling time. To appreciate the different textures (crispy of the dough and soft of the flan) it is necessary to be careful about cooling to room temperature before defrosting and about the resting time in the refrigerator. You will therefore have to consider this time and therefore be patient before enjoying it! After cooking for 50 minutes I expect about 2 hours of cooling and 3 to 4 hours in the refrigerator. You can even serve it the next day.

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Pastry flan recipe:

A thick pastry flan, with crispy shortcrust pastry and a creamy mixture with a good vanilla taste. A recipe from pastry chef Christophe Felder.


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Preparation time1hour h

Cooking time50minutes min

Cooling4hours h

Type of paymentbakery, dessert


Portions8 People



  • 215 grammes flour T45
  • 100 grammes brown sugar blond or brown cane sugar
  • 100 grammes Soft butter cold
  • 1 pinch baking powder
  • 1 pinch sel
  • 1 egg

The flan maker

  • 5 eggs
  • 220 grammes Powdered sugar white sugar, fine or extra fine
  • 100 grammes maïzena
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 250 grammes whole liquid cream 25 cl
  • 1 litre whole milk 1000g
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla flavor or natural vanilla extract



  • In the bowl of the pastry mixer, place the flour, the blond or brown sugar, the cold butter cut into cubes, the pinch of baking powder and salt and the egg. With the leaf (flat whisk) on low speed (speed 2), mix until the dough clumps together around the leaf and comes away from the bowl.

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (7)
  • Take the dough, make a ball, flatten it and wrap it in cling film. Reserve in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (8)
  • Butter and flour a circle 24 cm in diameter and 6 cm in height and place it on a perforated baking sheet lined with a silicone sheet (or baking paper).

    Roll out the dough on a floured surface into a circle approximately 35 cm in diameter.

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (9)
  • And rush the circle. Mark the edges well. Cut off the excess dough with a small knife. Place everything in the refrigerator.

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (10)

Flan machine

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C, static heat (heating zones at the top and bottom).

  • In a large stainless steel saucepan, boil the milk with 120g of sugar and the split and scraped vanilla pod.

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (11)
  • Meanwhile, in a large bowl, whisk the eggs with 100g of remaining sugar, the vanilla flavoring and the cornstarch. Finally add the liquid cream and mix well.

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (12)
  • Gradually add the hot milk and continue to whisk (remove the vanilla pod).

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (13)
  • Return the mixture to the saucepan, heat while whisking until the cream is thickened (the whisk should leave marks in the cream). Remove from fire.

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (14)
  • Pour the flan mixture into the tart base, smooth the surface using a spatula.

    Bake in the middle of the oven (level 3) for 50 minutes.

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (15)
  • At the end of cooking, remove the baking sheet from the oven. Place it on a rack and letcool 15 minutes(the flan will sag, this is normal).

How to properly unmold the pastry flan (uncircle)

  • After 15 minutes of cooling, slide the silicone plate with the flan (leaving the circle) onto a slide. Then carefully remove the silicone sheet (use a long spatula to remove the flan) and keep the flanon the 1 hour slider(so the base will dry).

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (16)
  • Then slide the flan (with the circle) onto the serving dish, again using the spatula to remove the flan. Remove the circle.

    Leave for another 30 minutes at room temperature.

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (17)
  • Place in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours(or until the next day), uncovered.

    Cut the pieces with a good, smooth-bladed knife and serve.

    Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (18)


Keep the vanilla pod used to decorate the flan when serving.

Have you tried this recipe?Tell uswhat you think of it!

Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (19)
Pastry flan by Christophe Felder - Chef's recipe (2024)


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