Pinterest recipe pin, everything you want to know (2024)

You've probably seen them on Pinterest; those handy recipe pins. At a glance you can see which ingredients you need and whether you like the recipe. But how do you actually ensure that your recipe appears this way on Pinterest, if you are a blogger who sometimes or often shares recipes? And is it actually wise to give away so much in one pin? In this post you can read what a recipe pin is, what the advantages and disadvantages of such a pin are, how recipe pins can improve your general SEO and which WordPress plugin allows you to implement recipes on your blog the fastest.

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What is a recipe pin?

A recipe pin (here is the information from Pinterest itself about therecipe pins) is one of four typesrich pinson Pinterest. Like all extensive pins, this one contains more information, in this case, for example, the ingredients list, preparation time, etc. Very useful for food bloggers, but actually for every blogger who occasionally writes a post with a recipe. You've probably seen one before, but just to be clear; This is what a recipe pin looks like:

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Cons recipe pin

One reason not to use Pinterest recipe pins is that they can give away too much about a recipe. This is especially the case with recipes that do not require much instruction. Then people look at the ingredients list and no longer click through to your site.

And of course, it takes a little more time to include your Pins in a blog post this way, plus the time spent setting them up for the first time.

Benefits recipe pin

Rich pins and therefore also recipe pins provide a lot of information about your blog post. This gives you a better chance of being found. You can also immediately see how long it takes to make a recipe and how many people it is for. This can help people decide whether or not to click the pin and go to your blog. I always find it very easy to see all the ingredients when I'm looking for a recipe. It is therefore also more user-friendly (provides a better experience for the user).

Recipe Pins are rich Pins and contain structured information. This makes it easier for Pinterest to rank the pin properly. If you are not yet a big blogger and Pinterest does not know your account very well, your recipe pin will be more likely to be included in the search results than a regular pin with a recipe.

Other SEO benefits

People who save things on Pinterest are planners. They often save ideas, and therefore especially recipes, to make later. If you look at it this way, it's better for thebounce ratefrom your blog to use recipe pins. This way you prevent people from just clicking through to view the ingredients and youbounce ratelet it run. You prefer that they only click through when they are actually going to make the recipe and then stick around longer.

To enable recipe pins, you need to format your posts in a certain, structured way (fortunately WordPress has useful plugins for this, I'll tell you more about it below), namely according to or h-recipe format. This has the additional advantage that Google can also do more with the message. For example, if you look for a recipe on your phone and you look at the images, you can already see which photos contain a recipe by showing a small badge over the image. If you tap on the photo, you will receive additional information about the recipe, such as preparation time, how many people it is for and the ingredients list. Additional information about the recipe will also appear in the search results overview page.

Your post can also become a featured snippet if you use structured data. That is one of those first search results with a photo and already some of the instructions. These messages are clicked more often than regular text-only search results.

Should you use recipe pins or not?

The choice is of course yours. I think user-friendliness is very important and that is my main reason for using them on In addition, thebounce rateof a message also contributes to your ranking in Google, so that could be another reason to use them. But if you mainly want more page views, you might prefer not to use them.

Structured data

Now it's getting a bit more technical, but I'm going to try to explain it as clearly as possible, because as you can read above, structuring your data is not only necessary for recipe pins, but it also has benefits for your SEO ranking.

Search engines are computers and no matter how hard the programmers at Google and Pinterest work to create algorithms to properly understand the information on the Internet; they could use some help. You can help them by offering the information in a more structured blog post. The most common way to do this is viaschema markup.This markup gives the search engines more information about the information. This makes it easier for the search engine to crawl the information in your blog post and provides an SEO advantage. In this case we tell the search engine that it is a recipe and where the ingredients and preparation time are stated, but this could also be a film or review, for example.

Would you like more background information about it?structured data, then I recommend you read this post:How to Add Structured Data to Your Website.

WordPress plugin for recipes

A free and useful plugin for recipes on your WordPress site that does not conflict with Yoast SEOWP Recipe Maker. This plugin is easy to install and use and offers many options, such as a print option with your recipe and the option to add photos and videos. (You can install a WordPress Plugin by choosing Plugins > New Plugin in the link menu. You can then search for the plugin name in the top right corner of the search field, in this case “WP Recipe Maker”.)

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In the post editor, a WP Recipe Maker button will appear next to the Add Media button if you have the plugin installed and activated. You can then import a recipe by pasting text and selecting different parts when prompted.

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But you can also fill in the parts manually:

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If you already have your rich pins enabled (you can read how to do that in this post:Rich pins on Pinterest: what, why and how?), it should now work and you can create recipe pins for Pinterest.

If you use a platform other than WordPress, it is still possible to format your post as a recipe and use Pinterest recipe pins. However, you will have to make some more manual adjustments in the code for this. For example, if you have a Blogger blog, this post can help you further:How to Use Recipe Schema Markup on a Blogger (BlogSpot) Blog

Good luck and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Pinterest recipe pin, everything you want to know (2024)


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