Stewed pears recipe with useful variation tips | (2024)

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Stewed pears recipe with useful variation tips | (1)

The number one recipe around the holidays is the stewed pear recipe. I also love stewed pears and they are always on the table here at Christmas, often with pears from my parents' own garden. For this recipe I just went to the supermarket to get some Gieser Wildeman pears. I will tell you the simple basic recipe for stewed pears, but I will also give you useful variation tips so that you can put the tastiest stewed pears on the table!

Stewed pears recipe with useful variation tips | (2)

Which pear do you choose?

There are of course many types of pears for sale, but the most commonly used pears for stewing are the Gieser Wildeman, these are small sweet pears that turn beautifully red in the pan with some wine or berry juice. I always use Gieser Wildeman because they become wonderfully sweet and soft. But you can also choose the Saint Rémy, which is a bit harder and less sweet, and the color also becomes less red during stewing. So it is up to you what you want to use and what your preference is.

Do you use alcohol or not?

I think it is common knowledge that red wine is used to give the stewed pears that beautiful red color. Please note that you only need a small amount of this, as you do not want to give the pears the overpowering taste of wine. If you have a large pan full of one kilo pears, add a quarter bottle of red wine and fill the rest with water until the pears are covered with water.

If you want to turn stewed pears red without alcohol, use berry juice (I always use the Hero berry juice and put the entire bottle of 250 in the pan and fill the rest with water). You can also use pear red sugar or thick juice. I personally think the berry juice tastes best.

If you don't want red pears, use white wine or cava, which is also done a lot, then they get a very light caramel color, also very nice! Are you hesitant about alcohol or do children eat it? Fortunately, almost all of the alcohol evaporates during stewing.

How much sugar do you add to the stewed pears?

Do you like sweet or not is more of a question and which pear do you use? If you like very sweet pears, add 100 grams of sugar to 1 kilo of pears. If you want normally sweet pears, use around 75 grams of sugar for 1 kilo of pears and you can gradually reduce it further. This ratio is based on the inherently sweeter Gieser Wildeman pears. If you use another type of pear that is less sweet, you will of course have to add more sugar. I just use normal sugar to sweeten the pears, but I also know that palm sugar is very popular or brown caster sugar for a more caramelized taste. .

Stewed pears recipe with useful variation tips | (3)

Do you leave the stewed pears whole or in segments?

My mother has been preparing the stewed pears in segments for years, but for the holidays I like to leave the stewed pears whole, it looks nicer and more festive for dinner.Christmas dinner. The advantage of stewed pears in segments is that they cook faster, absorb the flavor better and are easy to eat. Pears as a whole naturally look very beautiful, but they do not absorb the flavor as quickly and are less easy to eat because the core is still in them.

How do you season the stewed pears?

You have already decided how much sugar you are going to use and what kind of liquid you are going to cook them in, but what kind of herbs do you add to the stewed pears? I always use cinnamon in the form of two cinnamon sticks. I also add star anise for a warm taste. But I also know that other people still flavor it with lemon juice and cloves.

How long should the stewed pears stand?

I think you especially have to keep a close eye on the pears when they get a nice color and are ready. But you definitely need 2 to 3 hours to get the stewed pears perfect. Make sure you do this on low heat. I cooked the pears in berry juice and they were ready within two hours, but in wine it takes a little longer. But as I said, it is mainly just a matter of keeping an eye on it yourself, but it is not a job that can be completed in half an hour.

You can also prepare the stewed pears in the ovenslow cooker. Let the stewed pears cook on the low setting for 4 hours.

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Stewed pears recipe with useful variation tips | (5)

Basic recipe for stewed pears

Do you want to make delicious stewed pears? You should certainly do that! With this super easy basic recipe you can put the most delicious stewed pears on the table. Of course you can always add some extra ingredients, but this recipe is a great base for everything.

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Preparation time30minutes min

Preparation time3o'clock o'clock

GangMain dish

Portions4 persons


  • 700 gram pears (Gieser Wildeman)
  • 150 milliliters water
  • 250 milliliters berry juice/red wine
  • 80 gram sugar
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 star anise


  • Peel the pears into your favorite shape and place them in a large pan. First add the wine/berry juice and fill the rest with water until the pears are covered with water.

  • Add the desired amount of sugar and spices (I use 2 cinnamon pieces and a star anise).

  • Then bring the pears to the boil over high heat and then let it simmer gently over low heat.

  • Halfway through I remove the star anise because it has quite a strong taste and after 2 to 3 hours of gentle cooking, the pears are ready! I personally like the pears lukewarm.

Have you ever tried this recipe?Let me knowhow it was!

Storing stewed pears

Do you have leftover stewed pears after Christmas dinner that you have cooked several times? No problem, because you can easily freeze stewed pears, just make sure that the pears are completely submerged in the liquid. So freeze them with all the moisture in a container. If you want to eat them again, thaw them and put them in the microwave.

Stewed pears recipe with useful variation tips | (2024)


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