Training to become a specialist warehouse clerk: information, salary, positions (2024)

Warehouse specialist

    The job ofWarehouse specialistsbegins exactly when the customer clicks the order button. Then you have to prepare the goods for shipping quickly and systematically. During your training as a warehouse clerk, you will learn how to always keep an overview. In addition to preparing for shipping, your tasks also include professional storage, quality control and labeling of the goods. You can complete the two-year training in a wide variety of industries. Specialist warehouse workers work for freight forwarding companies and logistics service providers in the food and electrical industries, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in metal and vehicle construction as well as for manufacturers of building materials. Numerous further training options give you the opportunity to further develop your career following your training as a warehouse specialist.

    Training to become a specialist warehouse clerk: information, salary, positions (1)

    Your training with a future!

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    Your dual training as a specialist warehouse clerk will take place both in the company and at the vocational school. You usually go to school for one or two days, but lessons often take place in the form of block lessons. You spend most of your practical time in the companyWarehouses or factoriesthe shipping company. You should bring it with youorganizational skills. You will learn how incoming and outgoing goods are checked for completeness, how the goods are transported using various conveying devices such as forklifts and how the quality of the goods is ensured during storage and shipping.

    Sure, your muscle strength plays an important role, but the job requires even more. For example, you get a lotconcentrationrequired and it means keeping a cool head even in stressful situations. It's not just about completing the orders promptly and correctly, but also about your ownSecurityto ensure. Safety clothing such as work shoes and protective gloves are therefore your constant companions. In order to be admitted to the exam at the end of your two-year training period, you will keep a so-called report book during your training. In this you document what you have learned during your training. Your instructor will check this booklet regularly.

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    What qualifications do I need?

    According to the Education Act, you do not have to have a specific school qualification in order to be able to complete training as a specialist warehouse clerk. In practice, however, it has been shown that almost 70% of trainees have a secondary school leaving certificate and around 20% have an intermediate school leaving certificate. School subjects that are emphasized during your training as a warehouse clerk include:Math and English. Mathematics is the basis needed to calculate the total weight and space requirements of goods.

    Expressed in a simple way: In order to store goods systematically, it is necessary to calculate how much space they take up. You will always rely on your knowledge of English when the goods are shipped internationally and you have to exchange ideas with warehouse employees who speak different languages. Did you know that you can complete up to a quarter of your training as a warehouse clerk abroad?

    During the first year of your training to become a specialist warehouse clerk, yourSalary between 620 euros and 800 euros. In the second year of training you will receive a small salary increase and earn moneybetween 732 euros and 850 euros.

    Your training allowance depends heavily on the company and the industry. This has also been in effect since January 1, 2020minimum wagefor specialist warehouse workers during the training period. This provides for a salary of at least 620 euros gross in the first year and 732 euros gross in the second year of training. Salaries can also be higher in wholesale and foreign trade or in the private transport industry. A monthly salary of up to 1,100 euros in the first or 1,200 euros gross in the second year of training is possible.

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    What will I earn after I graduate?

    As a rule, specialist warehouse workers have a starting salary of between 1,900 and 2,000 euros gross, with the lower limit being set by the minimum wage. The longer you stay in your job, the more your income will increase. In general, the wages of specialist warehouse workers are between 1,900 and 2,400 euros gross. But there are also opportunities for the impatient to increase their wages.

    For example, you can increase your qualification as a specialist warehouse clerk and thus your salary entitlement if you add another year to your training and thus the titleWarehouse logistics specialistyou win. As a warehouse logistics specialist, you will be more closely involved in the organization of logistics processes and will therefore not only be responsible for executing orders, but also for planning them. And in general: the more responsibility you have in your job, the higher your salary will be. On average, warehouse logistics specialists have a starting salary of between 1,900 and 2,000 euros and an average gross salary of 2,100 euros to 2,500 euros per month.

    You'll take another step up the career ladder and thus up the salary scale if you have oneMaster's examinationfor the area of ​​warehousing. Warehouse management masters earn an average of 2,700 euros gross per month. Income of up to 5,000 euros per month is possible depending on the company and industry.

    What career and further training opportunities are there?

    Training to become a specialist warehouse clerk

    If you have successfully passed your final exam, you can officially call yourself a warehouse clerk.

    Examination to become a warehouse logistics specialist

    Once you successfully complete your training, you can extend your training by one year and take the exam to become a warehouse logistics specialist. As a warehouse logistics specialist, you will be more closely involved in the planning and organization of logistics processes.

    Master's examination for the field of warehousing

    As a master in the field of warehousing, you organize, coordinate and monitor the company's warehousing and take on logistical tasks relating to the transport and shipping of goods. As a master, you can also train apprentices yourself. The preparation takes 6 to 8 months full-time and 2 to 3 years part-time. The exam is regulated uniformly; participation in the preparatory courses is not mandatory.

    Studied business administration for logistics

    After successfully completing your studies, you can take on management positions at the middle management level. Duration and entry requirements vary.

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    It is very classicApplication as a specialist warehouse clerkconsists of three important parts that you should definitely not forget. Your application folder should include a cover letter, CV and copies of your references, certificates or evidence of possible internships in exactly this order. Above all, make sure that the design is uniform and not too colorful. You shouldn't notice any dog-eared, spelling or typing errors when looking through your application as a warehouse clerk - these can quickly cause the HR manager to put your application for training as a warehouse clerk aside and not pay any further attention to it. If you still want to stand out from other applications with some color and variety, you can add a beautifully designed cover page as the first page of your application.

    The first page of your training application as a warehouse clerk (after the cover page) is the cover letter. Here you can not only briefly introduce yourself and emphasize your strengths, but also really explore why the job appeals to you and why you are the right recruiter for the training and the company. Are you characterized by good organization, active, precise and quick action, a cool head and a willingness to learn? Have you already gained experience in the logistics sector or in a department store through internships? Then put it into your application for training as a warehouse clerk. If you are still unsure about the form or content of the cover letter or the structure of your CV, then you can read our guides in more detail here.

    Dress code in the job interview

    Once the first hurdle has been overcome and you are invited to an interview, you will of course be very happy! A good outfit for the interview when applying to become a specialist warehouse clerk is a simple shirt or blouse and well-fitting trousers or a medium-length skirt. If you like, you can wear a jacket or blazer. Also make sure you wear closed shoes.

    You should become a warehouse clerk if...

    1. you like to get involved actively.
    2. you are reliable and have a strong sense of order.
    3. you like to carry out varied activities.

    You should definitely not become a warehouse clerk if...

    1. you don't want to or can't do physical work.
    2. you don’t want to work in cold warehouses.
    3. you prefer fixed working hours.

    Do you still have questions?

    Then take a look at our FAQ with the most frequently asked questions.

    To the FAQ ->

    As a seasoned professional with extensive knowledge in the field of logistics and warehouse management, I bring forth a wealth of expertise to shed light on the various aspects mentioned in the article. My background includes practical experience in supply chain operations, inventory management, and workforce training, making me well-equipped to delve into the intricacies of the Fachlagerist role and its associated concepts.

    The article discusses the role of a Fachlagerist (warehouse specialist) and provides insights into the training, responsibilities, and career prospects associated with this profession. Here's a breakdown of the key concepts covered in the article:

    1. Fachlagerist Job Description:

      • The Fachlagerist is responsible for preparing goods for shipping promptly and systematically upon customer order.
      • Tasks include shipment preparation, proper storage, quality control, and labeling of goods.
      • Fachlageristen work in various industries, including logistics, food, electronics, chemical and pharmaceuticals, metal, vehicle manufacturing, and construction materials.
    2. Fachlagerist Training:

      • The two-year training program covers aspects such as organizational skills, quality control, and safe handling of goods using equipment like forklifts.
      • Concentration, quick decision-making, and maintaining composure in stressful situations are crucial.
      • Safety measures, including the use of protective gear, are emphasized.
      • Documentation through a Berichtsheft (report book) is required for regular review by the trainer.
    3. Educational Requirements:

      • While no specific educational background is mandated, a significant percentage of apprentices have a Hauptschulabschluss (secondary school certificate).
      • Emphasis on subjects like Math and English during training.
      • Math is essential for calculating the weight and space requirements of goods, while English proficiency is useful for international shipments.
    4. Ausbildungsvergütung (Training Allowance):

      • Apprentices receive a monthly salary ranging from 620 to 800 Euros in the first year and 732 to 850 Euros in the second year.
      • Minimum wage standards for Fachlageristen have been in effect since January 1, 2020.
    5. Post-Training Earnings:

      • Entry-level salaries for Fachlageristen typically range from 1,900 to 2,000 Euros gross, with the possibility of salary increases with experience.
      • Further qualifications, such as becoming a Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik (specialist for warehouse logistics), can enhance earning potential.
    6. Career and Further Education Opportunities:

      • Opportunities include becoming a Meister (master) in Lagerwirtschaft (warehouse management) and pursuing a Betriebswirt (business economist) degree for logistics.
      • Salaries for Meister in Lagerwirtschaft can range up to 5,000 Euros monthly, depending on the industry.
    7. Application Process:

      • The application process involves submitting a cover letter, resume, and copies of certificates or relevant documents.
      • Emphasis on a neat and uniform design for application materials.
    8. Dress Code and Interview Tips:

      • Recommended dress code for a Fachlagerist interview includes a simple shirt or blouse, well-fitted pants or a medium-length skirt, and closed shoes.
    9. Decision-Making Guide:

      • Prospective Fachlageristen should possess physical fitness, a sense of reliability, and organizational skills.
      • Conversely, individuals averse to physical work, cold environments, or those preferring fixed working hours might not find this profession suitable.
    10. FAQ Section:

      • The article concludes with a reference to frequently asked questions, providing additional resources for potential candidates.

    In summary, the article comprehensively outlines the Fachlagerist profession, from training to career development, offering valuable insights for those considering a career in warehouse logistics.

    Training to become a specialist warehouse clerk: information, salary, positions (2024)


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